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By a vote of the people of the world, the Ray-Ban Pilot is the best-selling sunglasses of the year! In fact, they are actually the brand’s best-selling models since 1937. Its popularity has remained Cheap Ray-Ban Sunglasses unchanged since its debut and has risen to legendary status with the relaunch of the glasses and brand. The story of Ray-BanRB3025 began in 1937, when optical manufacturers Bausch and Lomb founded the Ray-Ban brand. Originally, the brand only developed glasses for pilots because their eyes were not protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Polarized lenses have been added to block glare, and the unique teardrop shape ensures that the sun doesn’t hit the eyes from all angles.

After 75 years, these Ray-Ban Aviators are now available in incredible colors, sizes and lens tones, as well as an endless selection of lenses. Whether your face is wide, narrow, medium or small, the RB 3025 has its own unique variants. The model presented in this article is the Ray-Ban 3025 L0205 from Arista / Crystal Grey-Green.

If you’re not sure what this means, it’s basically the color of the metal frame and then the color of the lens. The neutral design of this model is simple and attractive. The incredibly thin metal frame and dual bridge design add to the beauty of the frame. The adjustable nosepiece provides bridge support and optimal fit.

The plastic coated mirror leg tips provide a practical touch to the frame for a comfortable wearing experience. People always see celebrities wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses. Celebrities who often meet up with their Ray-Bans include Rihanna, Tinie Tempah, Cheryl Cole and even Hollywood stars like Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox. Even Simon Cowell was very fond of his pilot! The neutral appeal of this model is great because you can easily “borrow” your partner’s pair without feeling embarrassed. To see the complete collection of RB3025 pilots.

Fashion Eyewear is an online eyewear dealer, so you can add a RB3025 AVIATOR POLAR SPECIAL SERIES 001/15 POLARIZED 58MM prescription to any of our eyewear, whether it’s sunglasses or optical. Simply purchase our prescription sunglasses or glasses on our website. Select your preferred frame and click “Add prescription”. Our simple step-by-step checkout will help guide you through our lens packaging, branding and selection. Whether you need monocular, zoom, telephoto or driving, we have every lens type to suit your needs. We also have the best lens brands to choose from like Essilor, Nikon, Maui Jim, Ray-Ban, Oakley and our own Fashion Eyewear standard set. After selecting the paint, add your prescription and measure your PD with our stylish eyeglass pupil.

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Top Rated raybans wayfarer Sunglasses

Almost everyday, without fail it seems, we receive at least one order for one of the incredibly popular Ray-Ban Wayfarer frames, usually the Ray-Ban RB5121 (for prescription glasses) or the Ray-Ban RB2140 (for Sunglasses). This classic design has been around for almost 60 years since its design and manufacture in 1952 yet has remained popular for much of its production period. So Cheap Ray-Ban Sunglasses why are the most enduring fashion icons of the 20th century proving to be so popular?
The Original Wayfarer style was designed in 1952 by optical designer Raymond Stegeman, who procured dozens of patents for Bausch and Lomb, Ray-Ban’s parent company. Like Ray-Ban Aviators, the Wayfarer was originally designed and marketed as sunglasses for pilots.

Ray-Ban is perhaps the most iconic brand of designer eyewear in the world. Ray-Ban is the ultimate expression of cool. These Ray-Ban RB4105 Folding Wayfarer 710/51 are the perfect choice for those looking for trendy and fashionable eyewear solutions. Its brown, squared, full-rim frame fits both women and men (unisex) and is perfect for both oval and round-like faces. The material, plastic, provides a lightweight and resistant solution to your selected eyewear. Buy your pair of Ray-Ban RB4105 Folding Wayfarer 710/51 sunglasses today and receive a free cleaning cloth and protective case.
Polo Ralph Lauren PH4030 Sunglasses – Available for under £90 Of course, it’s not just the well-known designers that are cashing in on the success of the Wayfarer style, there are a number of ‘non branded’ replicas available from many different sources. In fact while talking to a friend of mine who was interested in ordering a pair of Pink Wayfarers (Option 5 – 968/3E) from our website for his girlfriend’s birthday present I discovered that he had also picked up 5 pairs of ‘fake’ (or should that be replica?) Wayfarer style sunglasses for less than £5 from a well known UK outlet. While this seems great value, we cannot comment on the quality of the frame, or, if in fact the lenses are going to protect your eyes from those harmful UV Rays that can damage your eyes on those bright, sunny days. In fact, previous personal experience of buying cheap replica Oakley sunglasses proved to be a complete waste of time. Within hours, the arms had snapped off some and lenses dropped out of others. Even the ones that survived ended up in the bin soon after because I still found myself squinting from the bright sunlight which still seemed to be getting through the useless lenses! (Does anyone else have any bad experiences of buying fake sunglasses?)

As with any fashion accessory or celebrity endorsed product, the success of Wayfarer sunglasses has been largely down to the sheer number of celebrities sporting the Ray-Ban eye wear and the power they have of influencing the fashion choices of the general public. Chris has already mentioned in his recent Blog post, “Even Heroes wear Glasses“, that Hayden Panettiere (Claire Bennet) and Kristen Bell (Elle) have both been spotted wearing the iconic Wayfarer styled sunglasses. Here are a few more influential celebs who have been spotted wearing the iconic Ray-Ban style…